Printable card games


Shephy (シェフィ) was designed in 2013 by Pawn. It’s a solitaire game that takes around 15 minutes to play.

This is a base game reskin.

In the solitaire game Shephy, you start with one sheep in your field, and you must manage the event cards presented to you in order to have one thousand sheep in the field before you go through the deck of event cards three times.

The sheep deck consists of values 1, 3, 10, 30, 100, 300 and 1,000; at the start of the game, you place a 1 sheep card in your field, then shuffle the 22 event cards and lay out five cards to form your hand. On a turn, you choose one card, carry out its effect, then refill your hand to five cards. Event cards might duplicate existing sheep cards, add new ones, swap one value of sheep for another, remove sheep, etc. Play through the deck until you have no cards in hand, then shuffle the event cards.

If you go through the deck three times without having at least one 1,000 sheep card in the field or if at any point in the game you have no sheep in the field, then you lose.

How to play video

Print and play my reskin: shephy.pdf 13 double-sided pages. 73 cards.

Murderer’s Row

Murderer’s Row was designed in 2015 by William Retert. It’s a solitaire game that takes 10 minutes to play.

This is a base game reskin with Calvin and Hobbes theme.

Deal 10 cards in a row. Kill 9 of them.

Each turn consists of activating a card and resolving its effect. Play proceeds until all cards except one have been eliminated or until no further moves are possible.


Print and play my reskin: murderersrow.pdf. 3 double-sided pages. 22 cards.