Week 5 and sink back into the ocean

May 9th, 2021

I launched onetinygame. It's an experiment with micro games. They can be played on the site or embedded on twitter.

I read Efficiency is the Enemy about the importance of slack to be effective.

“[...] it is impossible to keep everyone in the organization 100 percent busy unless we allow for some buffering at each employee’s desk. That means there is an inbox where work stacks up.”

There is such a thing as work that shouldn't be done. Building up work is the only way to prioritize it. It will have to happen at someone's desk.

Having a little bit of wiggle room allows us to respond to changing circumstances, to experiment, and to do things that might not work. [...] Slack also allows us to handle the inevitable shocks and surprises of life.

It can be hard to remember, but it's a mistake to book yourself for 100% of your productive time.

Next read was On Incels, Dead Bedrooms and The Hard Problems of Loneliness. It makes a point that we should extend empathy to dark groups, for both tactical and moral reasons. My comments on it.

Finally, we have Letter from a Reader: My New Therapist (btw, very much not fake). It shows how it's really hard to let go of bad relationships with people that have some power over you.

Whoever is speaking the most in therapy is the patient (TLP). It's scary that this therapist, while thinking she's being open and inclusive, is actually making it all about herself. Or like Samzdat puts it:

Subconsciously or not, most of us presuppose malice behind failure. This goes doubly for historical failures, and quadruply for political failures. The daily form of this hisses about “corrupt politicians” (past and present), perhaps about “businessmen and special interests”. The more extreme forms fall into conspiracy theory. Often this is diagnosed as a form of pessimism, especially “pessimism about politics”. That’s wrong; it’s optimism.

The pessimistic view is this: “Everyone is just trying their best.” If the horrors of history are the result of ill will then we should take comfort. It may not always be possible to avoid evil dictators, but at least we know that human agency has some power. An evil person realizing their evil machinations implies that perhaps a good person can successfully realize a good plan. Stalin may have been mean and bad, but if we just get the right people in there (read: me), then surely The Good will result. But if everyone is just “trying their best” then none of this is assured. Indeed – something is so broken that our best intentions still produce misery.

I learned what apophasis is. And about the motte and bailey doctrine.

Finished Qomp. It's an impressive game. It has a bunch of new mechanics, and they never overstay their welcome. Which is more than can be said about almost every AAA game in the last few years (Titanfall 2 being one of the few exceptions). It's a one button game that does a lot. Stuffed Wombat is a force of nature.

Started playing resident evil village. It was a mistake.

I've revamped my system of saving things to read. I'm now using raindrop. It's an amazingly designed app and I'm really happy with it. It replaces both the Instapaper use case as well as the Moodboard use case. If it was open source, it would be perfect.

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